Zombie Christmas

this week's feature:

  • Zombie Nativity Papercraft Set
  • Zombie Attack! Creche Papercraft Set

Decorate Your Mantelpiece… and RUN!

Papercraft Zombie Nativity Set

Found this via BoingBoing, and what a find indeed. Novelist Ben Tripp wrote a “zombie thriller” (Rise Again), but didn't like the book jacket designed by his publisher -- so he made a website to give away his own alternative dust jackets… and apparently was unable to stop making more and more zombie-themed papercraft & printables.

From his website:

Horror fans have one thing in common: they appreciate the most tasteful things in life. For you, the readers -- the fans -- we present this elegant nativity scene, crche, or crib.

Bring joy to Grandma's heart by downloading, printing, and assembling this attractive tableau. It will make her hump fall off.

I truly like the semi-real-yet-cartoony style, really reminds me of the nativity set my own family used for 30+ years, often augmented with various FisherPrice and Happy Meal characters when the odd lamb or shepard would go missing (now we know what really happened to them).

His site's a rich zombie resource with many undead inspired Christmas goodies, but I think his Nativity Set's my favorite, followed closely by his “Zombie Santa” Ornaments.


He's apparently taken the nativity set off his website, so I'm re-posting it here.

Download Papercraft Zombie Nativity Set PDF (400kb)

Zombie Snowflake Papercraft Template

Spice Up Your Dreary Winter Windows

Zombie Snowflake Pattern

Buz Carter's done several papercraft projects, often with retro-holiday flair (Halloween seems a favorite), so this season it's not surprising that he's added another old-time winter pasttime: paper snowflakes, though with an obvious undead slant. From his website:

My first attempt mistakenly began by folding the paper in successive halves -- yielding an 8-pointed Zombie Hawai´ian quilt pattern -- lovely, but a fairly unconvincing snowflake. So, it sat fallow, until last weekend when I did this 6-pointed version. (BTW, if you do make a zombie Hawai´ian quilt, please let me know -- it'd be awesome!)

That he's included some work-in-progress shots as a helpful tutorial makes this extra appealing.

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Zombie Apocalypse Gingerbread House

Nicholas Daley posted some fantastic photos of his reconfigured gingerbread house, the result an impressive last stand in the churchyard melee (via The Devil's Demons)

Zombie Gingerbreadhouse

It's A Zombie Haiku Christmas

Writer Ryan Mecum offers up some great zombie haikus, but this lengthier Christmas set's fantastic (via Fruitcake Diaries). It begins:

Once on Christmas eve,
with one infected fruitcake
the world fell apart.